Arcio Showcases Capabilities at Local "Prototypes and Presses" Event

Arcio has teamed up with other Milwaukee creatives for the "Prototypes and Processes" art show presented by Commonplace during the semi-annual Bay View Gallery Night. 

The event's purpose is to give viewers an inside look into the complexities of the design and build process giving others insight into the time and effort that goes into the product development process.  

Instead of lining up a beautiful row of brand new products this event was full of sketches, models, and prototypes. Arcio's display featured a few products available for sale on their website including the Ari pendant, Ira OLED table lamp, and Esso dim-to-warm table lamp. They also showcased a plethora of interesting lights not currently released to the public yet including a transparent ring that glows upon illumination, a black and gold linear pendant, and a wood articulating task lamp. 

Arcio product designer Hans Nielson joked at the event "It's a walk down memory lane, I almost forgot what my first sketch of this product looked like" when discussing the Esso table lamp. "It's a constant back and forth between user experience, design, engineering input, manufacturing capabilities... until there it is in all its beauty the final product." (HN) 

Milwaukee has a rich history of craft and build. It's promising to see new companies like Arcio latch onto that history to keep that tradition alive. 

Arcio lighting product display at commonplace shop Arcio lighting shows off new wooden sconce prototype.  

A crowd of interior designers check out the Arcio lighting booth.

A sketch of a concept pendant for Arcio lighting OLED table lamp Ira by arcio lighting  Designers present new articulating wood sconce to interior designers.