Modern Lighting Created For The Human Experience

We are designers, craftsmen, and engineers fixated on one thing — lighting. Call us obsessed, but as we furnished our homes, we couldn’t find lights that met our standards. If something was beautiful, it didn’t provide functional light. Fixtures with desirable technology came in a poorly constructed product. We saw an opening for something better.

For a generation, technology has accelerated at a breathtaking pace. Yet until recently, surprisingly few improvements have been made to the element that impacts our perception of the world the mostlight. Much of what is considered high-end lighting actually uses bulbs that are eerily familiar to those invented in the 1800s.

For us, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. We use only the best sources, including glare-free OLEDs and high output bright-to-amber dimming LEDs. These consume much less energy and are a fraction of the size. Smart technology like Google Home or phone apps gives you the ability to control these with ease.

Our hometown of Milwaukee, WI has a rich history infused with the perfection of craft and pride of work and we strive to further that story with handcrafted light fixtures that are well designed and safe for the environment. All of our manufacturing and assembly is done on-site and incorporates artisan techniques like metal spinning and woodworking.