Who We Are

Light is the most important design element in any space. It enables perception while evoking human interaction—a phenomena of form and function. At Arcio, we focus on human-centric innovation to develop new ways for light to be used and displayed.

Inspired with passion, we push the limits of modern design to blend aesthetic with purpose. We are designers, engineers and craftsmen fixated on one thing — light. Taking a step back and evaluating what the industry had to offer before Arcio, we were often left underwhelmed and wanted to do things differently. So we did. Fusing high-end material with the latest in OLED and LED technology, Arcio balances simplicity with utility better than the competition because we design our products around the human condition. We first define what we want the light to do in a given space. From there we source honest materials such as brass, wood and marble from local suppliers while introducing dynamic features and connectivity to breath life into the piece.

All of the manufacturing and assembly is done on-site at our Milwaukee, Wisconsin headquarters to ensure the finished quality is consistent with the original design. Whether in-home or sourced for a commercial setting, Arcio elevates any space because they are created by people for people.